Welcome to SoulVision! An adventure strategy game where you are casted into the game world as a soul and you are on a quest to find your body hidden in the game maze which is required for you to get liberated from the game world, otherwise you would be doomed to walk the world as a soul forever. You have the ability to possess other creatures in the game and thereby acquiring their powers, which you can use to move forward in the maze in order to ultimately reach the Tomb of Eternal Peace.

The game has 4 types of creatures each having special attacks according to their experience levels. They know your every move by using a machine learning model in Tensorflow and will try to defeat you as best as they can. They also like to remain with their allies through a dynamic leader finding algorithm and roam in a herd like behavior. So, watch out before attacking them! Learn their behavior, make a strategy, defeat and possess creatures and emerge victorious by claiming your body.

For more technical information about how the game works, please read the technical document here.



Enjoy the trailer below.